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The Profile and Power Award:
The JMIC Profile and Power Award was established by the Council as a way of recognizing individuals who have made significant contributions to advancing the awareness and influence of the Meetings Industry in their respective communities. It is presented annually at a major industry event.

The selection of the Profile and Power Award recipient is made by Council members on the basis of selection criteria that address such areas as industry leadership initiatives, industry presentations and articles and roles in major industry organizations.

If you wish to nominate an individual for the Profile and Power Award, please get in touch with the JMIC contact (see “Contact Us”) and a submission form will be sent to you.

  influyente mercado reuniones


The 25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry for 2015
Successful Meetings' annual list of impact players

25 most influential people

Recognition of Arnaldo Nardone’s activity in Uruguay
The Ministry of Tourism and the Local Government of Montevideo acknowledged Arnaldo Nardone’s distinguished career and his performance as the current president of the International Congress and Convention Association.

Local Governor Ana Olivera and Minister of Tourism Liliam Kechichián praised Nardone’s performance as one of the most renowned professionals in the field of meetings tourism in our country and abroad, given that he is the first Latin American to hold the highest position in the most important international association.

It should also be noted that Nardone, apart from being the marketing and sales manager for the Radisson Hotel, is also the current advisor to the governments of Argentina, Chile, Panama, Peru and Ecuador.
Besides, he has also received special international awards, like the Congress Executive’s Award of America (IMEX AWARD), the world ICCA Moises Shuster Award - Canada, recognition by the Latin American Confederation of Congress Organizers (COCAL), as well as the Executive of the Year Award 2003 in the field of tourism in Uruguay and the nomination by the Uruguayan Chamber of Tourism as Tourism Businessman of the Year 2008.

In his distinguished and arduous career, Nardone also worked as a director of the Joint Meeting International Council, as a director of the SRS Hotels Marketing Committee for Latin America, as a director of Tourism in Canelones, as a permanent adviser to COCAL (Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Congress Organizers), as a director of Marketing & Congresses for the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, president of MiceConsulting, academic director of ITHU (Polytechnic Superior School of Gastronomy and Hotel Administration in Montevideo) in the Event Organizer Degree, president of the Convention Bureau of Montevideo, president of AUDOCA (Uruguayan Association of Congress Organizers), and director of marketing & sales in the Southern Cone for Latin American Radisson Hotels in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.
Regarding his education, Nardone has a Professional Master’s degree in Strategy, Marketing and Business Management from the University of Juan Carlos III - Madrid. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration from the University of Bridgeport - School of Business in the United States, and a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Management from Cornell University in the US.


distincion nardone

distincion nardone

Strategic Plan for Ecuador

Strategic plan for the development, attraction and promotion of events & meetings tourism for the whole of the Republic of Ecuador from 2013 to 2017.

This work was structured for four different destinations within Ecuador: the cities of Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Manta. For each destination a specific plan was developed in accordance with their possibilities and, at the same time, a coordination plan was designed so that the four destinations could function as a big team to promote themselves abroad.

The work was coordinated with the support of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism and the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Quito.


plan estrategico ecuador

Launch of the book “Arnaldo Nardone - El ABC del Turismo de Reuniones y Eventos (The Basics of Meetings & Events Tourism)” in Lima, Peru, in the Latin American Congress & Incentive Travel Fair (FIEXPO).

In what was one of the most emotive moments of this seventh edition of the Latin American FIEXPO, the first book on meetings & events tourism in Spanish was launched in the conference hall and, as could be expected, its author is our compatriot Arnaldo Nardone.

Juan José García, Director of Marketing and Sales of Barceló Congresos and Vice President of ICCA; Arnaldo Nardone; Eduardo Chaillo, Director of Global Meetings; Martin Sirk, CEO of ICCA, José Marsano Delgado, MBA from the University of San Martín de Porres, where this book was published by the School of Communication Sciences, Tourism & Psychology.

José Marsano Delgado, MBA, began his speech representing the promoter of the book, Dr. Johan Leuridan Huys, Dean of the School of Communication Sciences, Tourism & Psychology - Universidad de San Martín de Porres, and stressed the importance of the book and its author.

A moment later, Nardone gave a brief account of his history, he talked about his loved ones, he remembered his parents, his children and, with characteristic honesty and candor (and also great emotion), he talked about his wife, Blanca Chávez, one of the most distinguished Peruvian gourmets and he praised her virtues and showed how happy he was for having met her. With humor he said it was good that, as Peru had given him Blanca, he could somehow make things even by publishing the book in Peru.

The idea of this first volume (he is writing the second) is to offer a reference manual to all those who are in some way or another related to the field. “A new minister, a new governor, mayor, hotel manager or anyone holding for the first time a post related to the tourist industry can use this book,” said the author.


abc turismo de reuniones y eventos

abc turismo de reuniones y eventos

abc turismo de reuniones y eventos

Launch of the book “Arnaldo Nardone - The Basics of Meetings & Events Tourism” in the Ururugyan Ministry of Tourism.

The conference hall in the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism was crowded with Nardone’s friends and colleagues who just wanted to attend the launch of the book promised by the most widely renowned Uruguayan authority on tourism, congresses, events and hotel management.

Nardone’s tight schedule, both in Uruguay and abroad, was the main reason why his book had to wait until 2014 for its publication, but the day has finally come and now it’s available as an indispensable handbook for all those who want to know everything there is to know about meetings & events tourism with scientific precision.
The book, promoted by the University of San Martín de Porres, has three parts: the tourist activity in the economy / the different parts that compose the events & meetings tourism / the efficient management of destinations. Besides, each section is divided into many chapters that deal with very interesting and useful subjects for the reader, e.g. the corporative market, incentive programs and convention bureaus.

During the launch, the following people took the floor to talk about different aspects of Nardone’s life and career: Roque Baudean praised Nardone’s personal virtues; Adriana Bentos stated that the author was indispensable to AUDOCA and helped them overcome obstacles; Remo Monzeglio remembered the author’s truly professional career; Sergio Puglia described him as a present-day visionary; Benjamín Liberoff remembered many occasions when he had to work with Nardone, like the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) Summit (when he did a very good job) and stated that, in the Convention Center of Punta del Este, Nardone will be the “godfather” of the upcoming growth in that type of activity in Uruguay; Antonio Carámbula described Nardone as a shining example to follow and said he was proud that Nardone was Uruguayan.


lanzamiento ministerio de turismo

abc turismo lanzamiento libro


He is one of most renowned Uruguayan businessmen in the world of tourism. He’s been involved in the activity since he was 18 and a few weeks ago he transferred the presidency of the International Congress and Convention Association, a post he’d been holding since 2010.

“I got involved in tourism when I was very young.
I think, in the beginning, it was only chance, but later, as time went by, I grew more and more interested in the hospitality business until it became a passion in my life,” stated the 58-year-old professional at the top of his career.

At present, Nardone is the director of Mice International Consulting, a company that specializes in meetings and events, and is the general manager of the future Convention Center and Fair Venue in Punta del Este. In relation to this position, the expert tells us what he felt when the Local Government of Maldonado informed him that he would be responsible for the management of such a great undertaking.
“I have many plans and ideas together with my managing group, which consists of excellent professionals and world renowned companies. Our goal shall be to change seasonal tendencies in the peninsula and create activities in different market areas.
I’m sure this project will change the future of Punta del Este, among other things, because it will become a matter of national pride.”

view note


nardone el pais paula

Nardone was received with ministerial honors in the city of Shanghai, where authorities also gave him the Key to the City.

The Uruguayan has been the president of the World Congress of the International Association of Congress Organizers since November 2nd, an event that gathers more than 1000 delegates from 61 countries.
Shanghai has declared that the event is important both for the government and for tourism and will give full support to the organization.

Surprisingly, the Chinese Vice Minister of Tourism and the Vice Mayor of Shanghai gave Nardone the Key to the City in an emotive act broadcast live by the most important Chinese TV channels.


icca shangai

icca nardone shangai

Business meeting with Bureaus de Chile (Chilean Bureaus).
Teaching and training in the offices of Turismo Chile.
  encuentro trabajo chile

Strategic plan for the development of meetings tourism in the entire Republic of Paraguay.
For this purpose, every separate destination within the country was given special consideration, including the cities of Asunción, Encarnación and Ciudad del Este. There was coordination between SENATUR (National Department of Tourism of Paraguay), Asunción Convention & Visitors Bureau and MiceConsulting International.

Paraguay has a natural inclination toward international relations, which will help the country to successfully attract congresses, conventions, fairs and exhibitions in all of its territory in the short and long term. The plan was designed by Uruguayan Consultant Arnaldo Nardone at the request of the Paraguayan Convention & Visitors Bureau and its goal is to double the number of congresses and people that take part in these types of events within a five-year period.

The Bureau of Asunción, with Raquel Gavagnin as president, is the organization leading the work and trying to conduct the business in all of the country. The methodology consists of attracting events, investigating, and training members of the Bureau and the National Department of Tourism (SENATUR). Work began with a workshop to learn how to attract events and a team made up of members from different countries is being assembled.

“It will allow us to know how to approach the client, how to investigate, how to stand for a post, how to promote correctly, how to develop a business destination. That is to say, it gives us the steps in order, after having studied the situation in the world, in the region and in our neighboring countries; a comprehensive study on business development, an analysis of the infrastructure both in hotels and in halls and also an accessibility analysis,” she stated.

Gavagning, on her part, emphasized that the Bureau has an alliance with SENATUR and they’re both working together to turn Paraguay into an attractive destination for the meetings tourism. “We know we have potential, infrastructure, human resources and experience, and that's why we think we can achieve our goal, no matter how challenging it is: to have the destination Asunción, today ranked 65th on the international events list, ascend to the 40th position within five years,” she said.

In 2013, Paraguay held 23 international events and the idea is to double that number in 2018. Paraguay attracts 84% of events in the region with an average attendance of 500 people and 8% of events with an attendance of about 1,000 people.

The Ambassadors Program (Programa Embajadores) forms part of the second stage of the strategic plan and its deadline is the middle of 2015. “Tourism is expansive. Meetings tourism in particular not only benefits the venue, but it also embraces other areas, which are all related, and it creates a sort of movement. Besides, this is connected with the favorable current position Paraguay is in, and that will also help us attract a larger number of events,” she pointed out. The workshop was conducted by Arnaldo Nardone, president of the International Congress and Convention Association, who was in charge of designing the plan at the request of the Paraguayan Convention. The plan aims to double the number of congresses and their attendance by 2018.

He added that Paraguay had potential, infrastructure, human resources and experience to achieve the goal of placing Asunción in the 40th position in the world ranking of international events. Today it ranks 65th.


capacitacion paraguay turismo reuniones

paraguay eventos cursos capacitacion

Arnaldo Nardone con Raquel Gavingnin de PC&VB.


curso paraguay destino

Advice on the ANTEL ARENA in Montevideo.
1. Functional measurement and technical analysis of the conference hall complex.
2. Diagnosis and determination of exploitable market niches.
antel arena montevideo   antel arena montevideo

The Uruguayan Arnaldo Nardone was praised by Embratur in Brasilia

Arnaldo Nardone, President of the ICCA, was honored in Brasilia by Embratur, the Brazilian institute for tourism promotion in our neighboring country. Nardone was praised for his performance as a representative for the whole continent.

The president of Embratur, the Brazilian tourism institution in charge of promoting the country abroad, Vicente Neto, delivered the speech in recognition of Arnaldo Nardone’s professional career.
Neto pointed out that Nardone deserved the recognition because of his contribution to the development of meetings tourism in Latin America and his “excellent performance as President of the ICCA, representing the whole continent in such a distinguished position”.

An award was given to him in Brasilia, the capital city and government center of Brazil, in the presence of such authorities as the National Secretary of Tourism Policies, Vinicius Lummertz, the Secretary of State of Rio de Janeiro, Marcos Musafir, and other renowned private operators.


distincion embratur nardone

distincion embratur nardone

Megapolis Convention Center in Panama City.
Training courses in investigation, sales and staff operations. Training courses in human resources in the hotel, for the areas of investigation, attraction of international meetings, sales and operations.
  capacitacion panama

Radisson Decapolis Hotel in Panama City.
Training courses in sales and attraction of international meetings.
  capacitacion panama radisson

Seminar: 11th National Meeting of Event-Venue Destinations. Mendoza – Argentina – November 2011
  capacitacion mendoza argentina

6th Seminar on International Hotel Management.
Organized by the University of San Martin de Porres, Peru. Sheraton Hotel, Lima, Peru.

nardone peru capacitacion

arnaldo nardone peru

  capacitacion mendoza argentina

Training in Paysandú, Uruguay.
Invited by CIPETUR.

  capacitacion paysandu uruguay

Training in Estoril, Portugal.
  capacitacion icca nardone

Giving a speech at a congress by ADM (Association of Marketing Directors of Uruguay).
  ADM desayuno de trabajo

The Impact of Meetings Tourism in the Commercial Activity of a City
Seminar in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  impacto del turismo reuniones

Giving a speech at a congress by ADM (Association of Marketing Directors of Uruguay).
  capacitacion chile

Training in Shanghai, China.
During the China Meetings Forum.

  capacitacion china shanghai

Seminar for the Al – invest programme from the European Community in Frankfurt – Germany. May 2010.

invest de la comunidad Europea en Frankfurt   invest de la comunidad Europea en Frankfurt

Seminario en Conferencia Actitud PYMES
Punta del Este - Abril 2010.
  seminario punta del este

Seminario en Encuentro de Destinos de Argentina.
Villa la Angostura - Abril 2010.

  seminario villa angostura

Conference for Affiliated Members of the World Tourism Organization - Punta del Este.
Speech by Arnaldo Nardone on meetings tourism and its global impact.
  conferencia miembros OMT

Advice on the Convention Center of Punta del Este.

MiceConsulting developed the feasibility study, the operational design and the business plan. At present, MiceConsulting forms part of the team that is in charge of the management of this project, to be inaugurated in March 2016. The convention center and fair venue will be built in the former southern end of the runway in the El Jagüel Airport. The land is surrounded by the Orlando Pedragosa and Aparicio Saravia Avenues and the Montesquieu and Isabel de Castilla Streets in the El Jagüel District, and has a total surface area of 124,777 square meters. The convention center will cover 8,242 square meters and the fair pavilion will cover 6,857 meters. The project includes a hall with a total capacity of 2,600 people, which can be divided into three other halls; another four halls which can hold 300 assistants; audio booths and booths for simultaneous interpretation; business center; VIP lounge; cafeteria; communal areas; and so on.

The expert in congress organization, Arnaldo Nardone, highlighted the importance of building a convention center in Punta del Este and the change of paradigm it represents for the region.
“As regards the international status of Punta del Este, opening a new convention center will be a significant change of paradigm in every aspect related to its perception as a destination. It will be a radical change. Everybody talks about the seasonal nature of the region, but “seasonal” could not be clear. Currently, 50% of the tourists that come to Punta del Este do it during the three summer months. Almost 70% of the profits are generated during that period.


The rest is generated equally during the remaining nine months.
To a foreigner it might seem that, in those nine months, there are very few services available. That’s why the convention center will give Punta del Este a new international status, which will add to its current prestige,” said Nardone. The expert contended that the seaside resort will have a place where all service needs shall be satisfied.
“Everything will be located in the same place, where the operators will work,” he added.
Nardone, who carried out strategic plans for convention centers and fairs in many countries, affirmed that Punta del Este will have the proper infrastructure to hold conventions, fairs and shows, which can’t do now.

Feasibility Study of the Convention Center and Fair Venue of Talca, Chile, and development of the architectural and functional project for the Fimaule foundation.
Signing the contract with the Fimaule foundation for the feasibility study of the Convention Center and Fair Venue of the Maule Region. Read more +
On a visit to Madeira Island. Meeting with the President, Mr. Alberto João Jardim, in the official residence of the Government.
  viabilidad centro convenciones predio ferial
viabilidad centro convenciones predio ferial   viabilidad centro convenciones predio ferial

Participating in the Amprofec congress in Cancún, Mexico.
Presentation and submission of the Strategic Plan for the City, designed by Mice Consulting.

With authorities of the Convention Bureau of Lima.
Bureau President and Canatur President showing the Plan.

  congreso amprofec cancun

Visiting the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai.
mercedes benz shangai   mercedes benz shangai

Arnaldo Nardone is elected president of ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association)

At the ICCA Congress held in Hyderabad, India, for the first time in 47 years, a Latin American becomes the new president of the world's most important association in the field.

ICCA CEO Martin Sirk, Arnaldo Nardone new president-elect
of ICCA and Leigh Harry current president of ICCA

  ADM desayuno de trabajo

Feasibility Study for Porto Alegre’s Convention Center and Fair Venue.
This project included the participation of:
  • • FEDERASUL (Brazilian Federation of Commercial and Service
    • Associations of Rio Grande do Sul) composed of 230 business associations representing 40,000 companies.
    • ABIH (Hotel Industry Brazilian Association of Porto Alegre)
    • Porto Alegre Convention & Visitors Bureau
    • OAS undertakings
    • FIERGS convention center and Fair venue
Ricardo Ritter, Fabiano Zouvi, Raul Cohen, Arnaldo Nardone, Gabriela Padoim y Norton Lennart   Raúl Cohen, Norton Lenhart (Porto Alegre Convention Bureau), Arnaldo Nardone, Fabiano Zouvi (Director de FEDERASUL) Ricardo Ritter (Asociación Brasilera de la Industria de Hoteles)

Arnaldo Challenge 2010
Mr Arnaldo Nardone, Director of Mice Consulting, stands for the presidency of ICCA, at a worldwide level.

See his proposals and ideas at

  capacitacion chile

Presentation of the international statistics for the conference tourism,
Buenos Aires – Argentina.

On this occasion, the growth obtained by Argentina was showed, attaining position
nº 19 at an international level and leaving behind its old position as nº 22. In addition, the city of Buenos Aires rose from position nº 15 to nº 11.

aoca buenos aires

Tourism Secretary of Argentina, Mr Enrique Meyer. Executive director of Inprotur, Mr Leonardo Boto, Mr Fernando Garbaran, president of AOCA and Arnaldo Nardone director of MICE.

  aoca argentina

Speech: The Congresses and the Fairs with 2010 in mind
A true preliminary exercise with experts on both varieties of the Conference Tourism.

With the presence of Mr. Nardone in the 11th edition of the Argentinian Congress of AOCA.
Costa Salguero Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

seminario turismo aoca   congreso argentino  turismo aoca

buro convenciones tucuman Workshop and specialized course on Convention Bureaus.
Held in Tucumán, Argentina.
curso bureu convenciones   buro convenciones tucuman

Seminar “How to add value to the destination’s competitiveness”. 30th April at the Hotel Meliá Patagonia in Puerto Varas - Chile

puerto varas chile 2009   puerto varas chile 2009

puerto varas chile 2009
puerto varas chile 2009  

COCAL 2009 - San José de Costa Rica
cocal nardone seminario   cocal nardone seminario
cocal nardone seminario   cocal nardone seminario

Consultancy, design and construction of the extension of Solanas Convention Center.

Mice Consulting is now developing this ambitious and prestigious project.

  solanas centro convenciones

Construction of the Convention Centre and Barranquilla Fair stalls in Colombia.

Mr. Nardone in the meeting room of Barranquilla’s Chamber of Commerce together with Mr. Julio Jácome, from Barranquilla’s Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Francisco Mira from Projects Development Agency.

  camara comercio barranquilla

Mice Consulting advises the Argentine government

More here.

documento argentina mice asesor

  argentona asesor mice

2nd International Seminar on Events Bidding – Santa Fe your next venue
Santa Fé - Argentina - March 2009

Nardone from Costa Rica: "if we don’t invest as we should, we could gradually get left behind…” Thursday, 12th March 2009.

santa fe argentina seminario

  centro convenciones quito ecuador

Arnaldo Nardone was honoured at the 47th ICCA Congress & Exhibition in Victoria, Canada with the Moises Shuster Award.
2008 was unforgettable for Arnaldo Nardone: he won the Moises Schuster Award in Canada.

premio ica world   premio icca

In recognition of his outstanding work over many years in supporting ICCA's growth and raising its profile within Latin America, in promoting the importance of the international congress industry throughout the region, in acting as the leading congress ambassador for his home country, Uruguay, and in launching major initiatives to improve areas such as statistical measurement and professional development and training, the ICCA Board recognised Arnaldo Nardone’s contribution with the association's highest honour, the Moises Shuster Award, named after one of ICCA's founding fathers and past Presidents. A limited edition Mont Blanc fountain pen was presented to Arnaldo during the Gala Dinner at the 47th ICCA Congress & Exhibition which took place on 1st to 5th November 2008 in Victoria, Canada.
Arnaldo also served on the Board for six years, has been Chairperson of the Latin American Chapter, and was the leading host of the successful and highly memorable 2005 ICCA Congress in Montevideo.

The ICCA Congress, the International Congress & Convention Association was drawing to a close in British Columbia, Canada and in Victoria’s centennial Fairmont Empress Hotel. 760 delegates from 67 countries were enjoying the closing Gala Dinner. They sat listening to the words of the organization’s President, Leigh Harry, as he summed up the event, thanking people, making forthcoming announcements, gradually drawing near to the moment that he knows exists in every congress. From his eminent position, wearing a loud red jacket and matching bowtie, he announced that he was about to give out the highest accolade the association bestows, the Moises Shuster Award, a prize which honours the memory of the founder of ICCA and is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to ICCA and the Congress industry.
“And this year, the Moises Shuster Award goes to…. Arnaldo Nardone from Uruguay, our Vice President!”
As one, the participants rose to their feet and burst into a round of applause to greet the winner.

Arnaldo, sitting with his wife, couldn’t believe his ears - he had no idea, nobody had told him anything. He got up and walked to the stage and embraced his friend Leigh and, with his natural sense of occasion gathered his wits and expressed his thanks, his surprise, his exaltation and joy at being acknowledged this year at the highest level of his profession.

2008 will not be quickly forgotten by Nardone. In March at the COCAL Congress in Montevideo, he received the Award from the organization that assembles all Latin American and Caribbean congress organizers; in August, at Expoeventos, which we covered exclusively, at the Buenos Aires Centro Costa Salguero, he was named Conference Tourism advisor by the Argentinian Government: on 26th September at the celebration dinner for World Tourism Day, in Montevideo’s Club de Golf, the Uruguayan Chamber of Tourism paid tribute to him as the Tourist Personality of the Year and now he had obtained the highest award, from the worldwide association of which he is Vice-President and one of the key figures.


"I hadn’t the faintest idea, I was the only one not to know – they’d asked my wife about the best present they could give me and she hadn’t breathed a word to me. How could I imagine that the award would come to our little Uruguay when there are huge countries at the head of the association’s activity all year round?

PDU – Let’s drag you away from this incredible story for a second, put you back in the region, in the country, you who have been one of the Uruguayans who has travelled most widely round the world over these last few years and are in permanent contact with major figures from the whole world. What comment do you have to make on the current world situation?

AN – Things are hard, there’s no denying it and there are tough times to come, it would be foolish not to admit it. But our country must lose the fear it’s always under and put its money on tourism, and specifically on conference tourism.

This area of industry has arrived to stay and grow and it’s the way we must all go, banishing fear - we stand by the predictions we made at the Chamber’s Seminar today, we have to bet on conference tourism.

PDU – Now that you’re working for a foreign government, how do you see the question of promoting tourism?

AN – Once and for all we should all devote our efforts to creating the possibility of a National Tourist Board just like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico have.

I cannot give out the figures for obvious reasons but I can assure you that the amount of money they can count on in Argentina - and more so in Brazil - is really enviable.

We should return to the Bureau; just think that in Montevideo, where hotel occupancy rates are extremely high, how great it would be for promotional ends to keep back two dollars per hotel night. Simple maths adds this up to a million dollars a year which could be added to the Ministry’s budget.

We are sure that this year’s ICCA prize couldn’t be in better hands.
Congratulations to our companion Nardone, a roving Ambassador for Uruguayan tourism.

Interview: Sergio Antonio Herrera

Receiving the Uruguay Chamber of Tourism prize for Tourist businessman of 2008.


Centro Banamex Expomeetings 2008 · Closing talk, Mexico City - Mexico

banamex expomeeting   banamex expomeeting
banamex expomeeting   banamex expomeeting

Training in San Juan – Argentina. Carried out by the Provincial Government

banamex expomeeting   banamex expomeeting
banamex expomeeting   banamex expomeeting

Receiving the Uruguay Chamber of Tourism prize for Tourist businessman of 2008.

CAMTUR: an excellent evening out at the Golf and Arnaldo Nardone is named "tourism personality of the year"
For the first time, the Uruguay Chamber of Tourism, celebrated and organized World Tourism Day. With a great response and excellent turnout, M.P. Luis Borsari as chairperson announced the publication of their website and awarded Arnaldo Nardone the tourism personality of the year prize.

The mere choice of venue guaranteed the success of the party which was then confirmed by the gathering itself, with excellent service all round.
The sector’s response was outstanding. Representatives from all areas of the industry, nationwide, turned up.
Announcements were made regarding the publication of the institution’s website: www.camtur.com as well as forthcoming events involving the Chamber in one way or other. Time will tell the true significance of this event that has come to complement and fill a space existing at this time of year.
Above all it should be noted that the event turned into the most important World Tourism Day 2008 celebration, helping take the pressure and obligations off the State which had, until now, been in sole charge of organizing this festivity.
As M.P. Borsari himself mentioned in his speech, this fraternal dinner, this cordial reunion has come to stay and will turn into a permanent feature in future celebrations.

In all fairness and logic, this year’s award went to Arnaldo Nardone who we justifiably baptized long ago as “Mr Marketing”.
He has devoted three decades of tireless labour in the hotel industry to the same firm, the Compañía Rioplatense de Hoteles, former Victoria Plaza Hotel - with all that name means within Uruguay’s hotel industry history – now the Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel where he successfully holds the position of Director of Marketing.

  premio icca

Nardone is the Past President of AUDOCA and COCAL; current Worldwide Vice President of ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association and is the Congress Tourism advisor for: Centro Banamex in Mexico City; Quito, the capital of Ecuador; Punta del Este’s Solanas Convention Centre; Maldonado City Hall’s projected Jaguel Convention Centre and has recently been named advisor to INPROTUR, the Argentinian Tourist Promotion Board which answers directly to our sister nation’s Presidential Office.

Nardone represents a wonderful example for all Uruguayans – he is a mirror we can judge ourselves against - besides which he is a fine Uruguayan who is a flag-bearer in every action he undertakes and at every event he attends.
He has given talks and conducted human resources training round the world and is one of the major reasons behind the fact that Uruguay has been the second Latin American country after Brazil with the largest Congress Tourism growth over the last decade. The Uruguayan Chamber of Tourism have been spot on, firstly for creating this award because it is a way of encouraging the efforts of Uruguayan professionals and it is doubly laudable that they have awarded it to Nardone, thus sending out a clear message to all agents in tourism and related industries on the road to go down.

Peru has set up a programme for training its businessmen in events tourism topics.
Nine industry and academy awards were presented to delighted winners at the IMEX 2004 Gala Dinner.

+ información

Winnner of the COCAL Prize 2006.

cocal nardone seminario   cocal nardone seminario
cocal nardone seminario   cocal nardone seminario

Prize awarded for long-standing career and contribution to the Congress Industry in Latin America.   trayectoria industria de congrsos america latina

Winner of the Man of the Year Prize en Uruguay Hotels and Tourism 2007.   hombre destacados 2007

Honorary President COCAL Congress 2008   presidente cocal 2008

Uruguay’s stand at IMEX 2007, Frankfurt, Germany

imex 2007 alemania uruguay   imex 2007 alemania

Receiving the Keys to the City in Cartagena de Indias - Colombia 2006   cartagena de indias 2006

COCAL Special award to Mr Arnaldo Nardone for his professional career.   cocal distincion

Arnaldo Nardone, chosen Congress Executive of the Americas.